For many centuries, art has been used to express emotion and beauty. It captures the attention and heart of those who see them. Many times people put their own perspectives to an art piece they see.

Time changes many things and people’s expectations of art are not how they used to be. To the artist their painting represents something deep and were made with their heart and soul. However, some people don’t seem to see the emotions and effort put into the artwork.

The Renaissance Period had Leonardo Da Vinci the 20th century had Picasso but, there is no iconic artist presently. There are always a tremendous amount of wonderful painters, but none of them stick out of the bunch or even get noticed by society.

Imperial High School junior Lilian Ramirez said, “It’s disappointing people don’t seem to notice art or think of how much time people take making their art pieces.” Art can make a big difference in society.

Andy Warhol’s pop art made a big deal in the style of the 60’s making the world even more bright and colorful. Patrick Nagel’s paintings reflected the 80’s so perfectly and one of his paintings became an album cover of Duran Duran. The iconic Bob Ross is one of the most popular painters in the 90’s.

There are always people who love artwork, but many seem not to popularize original work. When you search in social medias the most shared artworks are fan arts. It is always great to know there are many artists out there, But people seem to not popularize original artwork.

There are some artists who put a lot of thought and creativity into their work, but don’t get recognized for it. Imperial High School senior Lourdes Delira said, “It’s sad how one can use a lot of imagination and emotion and people don’t notice it, it’s just plain ignorance.”

There was a youtube video that became viral called “Art Sale” uploaded by the youtube account Banksy NYC of a man selling original artworks of a very famous graffiti artist being sold for $ 50 which is not even half of what the original price is for each. The man didn’t make a good amount of money, and none of the people who bought some art from him seemed to notice they had a art piece worth thousands of dollars. Sadly, by his side there was another “Art Sale” of printed pictures of art pieces or celebrities getting more customers than him. Imperial High School Art teacher Mrs. Peinado said “Many times it’s not just people not liking art they just don’t appreciate the time and emotions or even notice what how much different types of art there is, art isn’t just a painted picture in a piece of paper.”

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