Being diagnosed at the age of six years with chronic kidney disease, a disease that causes damage and decreases the kidneys ability to do its job, I have gone through many doctor appointments scheduled every six months as well as two biopsies, a procedure involving a hollow tube or syringe and a needle used to pull out a tissue sample. Though I have been told that I should be in a wheelchair, of all things, or even that I should not be active this does not prevent me from doing anything whatsoever. Now missing a lot of school is part of the package here, but I always make sure to organize my school work, which is why I don’t get bad grades.

Recently, more like last year in February, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease giving me a two for one deal. The appointments I have every two months disturb my willingness to keep my attendance on track though I do miss quite a lot throughout the whole school year I don’t let any of my grades slip behind me. I’ve gone through many tests some painful others bothersome, but that’s what has to be done when you have two diseases that may never be cured.

I must take medication for, well, the rest of my life until one or the other of these diseases decides to fix itself. I often have flank pain, which is pain or discomfort one can have between the abdomen and your back, located on my left side. There’s also one other problem a nephrologist happened upon when doing my last biopsy that he discovered in 14 other patients as well of which I do not know the name of. Somehow even when I have all these medical issues I am not the least worried about what my adult life will be like, well, I know it’ll be filled with doctor appointments.

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