This year Imperial High School is taking part in the Pawsitivity Club. Dr. Cozzani, an anatomy/physiology teacher, is the founder. 

For those who are interested in adopting an animal, volunteering, or even pursuing a career in veterinary science, the Pawsitivity Club is for you.

The Pawsitivity Club’s goal is to help the Humane Society, a non-profit shelter where dogs and cats found in streets are taken care of until they can find a home.

Anneke Benedictus, the club’s president, expresses, “The Humane Society is really awesome. They’re really nice and I love working with them. I wish I could adopt all of the animals but sadly I can’t.”

The students taking part of the club help the Humane Society by volunteering every Saturday for two to three hours. There, the students help clean the shelter, play with the animals and spread awareness of this cause.

Dr.Cozzani mentioned, “One of my personal goals is to show the students that having a pet is a big responsibility. I want to spread awareness to the younger kids in elementary and middle schools”.

Devon P. Apodaca, the executive director of the Humane Society, expressed, “The amount of adoptions have gone up a bit with the help of the Pawsitivity Club. With the growth of adoptions more lives are being saved.”

The Pawsitivity Club will have an adoption event on the last Saturday of every month. The club is also planning to have an adoption booth at the Imperial Valley Winter Fair.

Many fun activities are coming up in order to help the Humane Society. The Humane Society advices to “Help make a change, help save a life. Spay, Neuter, Adopt!”

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