Rafael Garcia fighting for dream


Rafael Garcia’s day consists of waking up at 4 in the morning to do strength conditioning, then he goes to work from 7 to 5, and finishes it off by driving to Yuma and training for three more hours. This is all to accomplish his mix martial arts dream that he gets closer to achieving every single day.

Garcia, who is nicknamed Gifted, has won every match in his 4-0 professional career by submission in the first round. His last win came against Raul O’Campo was his first televised fight, which he won 64 seconds into the first round.

Garcia’s love for MMA began when his father took him and his brother to a fighting gym when he was 13 years old. This was around the time he entered high school and couldn’t wait to join the wrestling team.

Garcia learned that wrestling taught him more about MMA and it improved his skills. He remembers his last fight as the golden opportunity. “My last fight gave me the chance to realize that I could make this as my career.”

Garcia claims that wrestling was so important that it motivated him to do well in school. In order to wrestle he had to have the grades.

His family has supported him in many ways that allow him to go all out and pursue his dreams. They’ve supported him since he wanted to become a professional fighter in high school and now he and his family is pushing his little brother to also go pro after high school.

Garcia volunteers his time assisting the Imperial High School wrestling coaching staff. He sees it as a way to give back to the school that gave him the confidence to follow his dreams.

Garcia tells young wrestlers to “keep pushing to make their dream become a reality and that they will have to work hard but it will work out in the end because they will have accomplished it,” said featherweight fighter. “Whether it has to do with wrestling or other activities, nothing’s impossible and it’s up to you to work for it.”

Garcia is training to become the world champion and is looking forward to what the fighting world has to offer. His next fight is yet to be determined.

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