Calexico High School should offer more electives for students.

More class choices would benefit students in preparing them for their ideal careers and providing smaller class sizes.

This could potentially lead to less bad behavior and better grades for some students. Some electives would benefit students and help them embrace their career choices.

Business oriented classes with foreign language options would do a lot of good.

The U.S does a lot of business with foreign countries and if we have these electives, business students will have the upper hand in jobs in that field once they graduate high school.

More computer-related courses, such as basic programming or networking could be applied due to the abundance of related jobs in today’s society, as well.

Whether one chooses to go to college or enter the workforce, he or she needs to have a strong background in these areas so he or she will be educated in the real world.

The electives students want at CHS are foreign language classes, art and any class related to something that they could build on later.

Other options could include classes focusing on leadership skills, management, communications or even international studies.

A wider variety of courses would result in more students wanting to pursue college and think about their futures.

If exposed to more in-depth career paths in high school, students would gain a deeper knowledge of what it is like to be a part of that field of study.

More elective choices and a wider range of class options would teach many important life skills needed in college and in the future. If they were offered, students would not object. In the long run, these classes would be the most beneficial.

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