Many social media users came across a very interesting topic that flooded across various social platforms a few (weeks) ago.

Notably, Facebook exploded over a viral video of former pastor Joshua Feuerstein claiming Starbucks’ new festive cups are deemed “Anti-Christian” due to lack of festive decorations and sporting a plain bright red color scheme. Many people began to protest this situation by ordering drinks and telling the baristas to write “Merry Christmas” as their name.

One would simply scroll past this occurrence, but the real kick of the movement is exactly how contradictory the fight against the cups is.

Some background info: The current design is meant to fit in with Starbuck’s minimalistic theme and promotes “writing your own Christmas stories on the cups” according to Starbucks Chief Executive Officer Howard Schultz.

On the other side, those who agree with the Feuerstein state it as “war on Christmas.”

The pastor supporters’ means of protest are all but laughable for it would have been far more effective to write an angry letter to the CEO and refuse to spend money in the coffee shop than to order drinks and ask the employees to write “Merry Christmas” on the cups.

In the long run, the “protests” benefited Starbucks through higher publicity and profit — which ironically makes them produce more cups to serve to customers.

It is rather interesting to see how not one person has stopped to think about this protest movement and contemplate how can they possibly affect Starbucks to force them to change the cup designs if they keep throwing money at the coffee giant.

As far as it can concern anyone, it’s just a wax paper cup meant to be throw away after the liquid inside has been consumed — the argument against these cups is weaker than Starbucks espresso brews, that’s something worth protesting for.

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