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A&R Construction is currently looking for qualified MBE/WBE (Womens Business Enterprises) to bid the Seeley Water Distribution System Improvements.

All Trades welcome please contact Johnnie Combs at (760) 344-4653 or email @ johnnie@aandrconstruction.com Bid Date 08/29/19 @ 11:00 A.M.


L082 Au11,14,18,21,25,28

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Thomas W. Storey Law Offices of Thomas W. Storey, APLC 222 South 8th Street El Centro, CA 92243 Attorney For: Richard Thompson

AMENDED Notice of Proposed Action Independent Administration of Estates Act ESTATE OF: Charles Samuel Thompson Case Number EPR000252


Notice: If you do not object in writing or obtain a court order preventing the action proposed below, you will be treated as if you consented to the proposed action and you may not object after the proposed action has been taken. If you object, the personal representative may take the proposed action only under court supervision. An objection form is on the reverse. If you wish to object, you may use the form or prepare your own written objection. 1. The personal representative (executor or administrator) of the estate of the deceased is (names): Richard Thompson 2. The personal representative has authority to administer the estate without court supervision under the Independent Administration of Estates Act (Prob. Code, 10400 et seq.) a. X with full authority under the act. b. with limited authority under the act (there is no authority, without court supervision, to (1) sell or exchange real property or (2) grant an option to purchase real property or (3) borrow money with the loan secured by an encumbrance upon real property). 3. On or after (date): August 27, 2019, the personal representative will take the following action without court supervision (describe in specific terms here or in Attachment 3): The proposed action is described in an attachment labeled Attachment 3. To sell the real property located at 1716 Lenrey Avenue, El Centro, California to the offer made by Zachary H. and Shawna M. Dillon in the purchase price of $250,000.00 and any other bids can be placed by 3:00 pm on the 27th of August, 2019, at the location of 222 South 8th Street, El Centro, CA: 760-352-1311. 4. X Real property transaction (Check this box and complete item 4b if the proposed actin involves a sale or exchange or a grant of an option to purchase real property.) a. The material terms of the transaction are specified in item 3, including any sale price and the amout of or method of calculating any commission or compensation to an agent or broker. b. $140,000.00 is the value of the subject property in the probate inventory. No inventory yet. NOTICE: A sale of real property without court supervison means that the sale will NOT be presented to the court for confirmation at a hearing at which higher bids for the property may be presented and the property sold to the highest bidder. L107 Au21,22,28

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California Auction Ad

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned intends to sell the personal property described below to enforce a lien imposed on said property Pursuant to Lien Sale per California Self Storage Act Chapter 10. Undersigned will sell items at www.storagetreasures.com sale by competitive bidding ending on September 11th, 2019 at 10:30am. Where said property has been stored at which are located at:

StaxUp Storage Calexico, 95 E Hwy 98, Calexico CA 92231 County of Imperial, State of California.

The following tenant: Angelina Munoz, Omar Nahoul, Alejandro Reneaum Luken, Leonardo Estrasda, Concepcion Ivanez, Clifford Roth, Manuel Rodriguez, Martin Echavarria. Items to be sold include but not limited to personal property containing boxes, household items, clothing, and tools. Purchases must be paid at the time with Cash Only. All purchases sold as is and must be removed within 24 hours of the time of sale. Sale subject to cancellation up to the time of sale, company reserves the right to refuse any online bids.

Auction by storagetreasures.com Phone: 855-722-8853 NCT 2324030 1017

L108 Au28,S4

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To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of: Rita Estrada Morales A Petition For Probate has been filed by: Ermalinda Banaga in the Superior Court of California, County of:Imperial The Petition For Probate requests that: Ermalinda Banagabe appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. The Petition requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions with obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however, the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A hearing on the petition will be held in this court as follows: September 6, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. in Dept. 9 at 939 W. Main Street, El Centro, CA 92243 If you object to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. If you are a creditor or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. You may examine the file kept by the court. If you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (form DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in probate Code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for Petitioner: Ermalinda Banaga P.O. Box 1683 Calipatria, CA 92233 (760) 791-2522 L116 Au24,28,30

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