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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT, the Imperial Irrigation District, County of Imperial, State of California, declares that the following monetary sums have been held and have remained unclaimed for at least three years. In accordance with Government Code Sections 50050-50056, the monetary sums listed below will become the property of the Imperial Irrigation District on the eighteenth (18) of October, 2021, a date not less than forty-five (45) days nor more than sixty (60) days after first publication on this Notice. Any party of interest may, prior to the date designated herein above, file a claim with the Imperial Irrigation District which includes the claimant's name, address, amount of claim, the grounds on which the claim is founded and supporting documentation. Supporting documentation to confirm identity consist of copies of driver's license, social security card or tax payer identification number and business entity records. The Treasurer may accept or reject the claim. If rejected by the Treasurer, the party submitting the claim may, within 30 days of receiving notice of rejection, file and serve on the Imperial Irrigation District Treasurer a verified com plaint seeking to recover all, or a designated part, of the unclaimed funds. Claim forms are available at Imperial Irrigation District, 333 Barioni Blvd, Imperial, CA. 92251 or at www.iid.com. Power Accounts NAME CREDIT AAA MNGT PROP $28.70 ADELA HERNANDEZ $266.86 BORDER AUTO GROUP $600.00 C V ENTERPRISE ZONE AUTHORITY $301.64 CHRIS KNIGHT $274.00 DAN W HALL $25.16 EVELIA BANDA CHAPA $312.81 FIRST RATE PAYMENT SERVICES $34.48 FOREMOST HOMES, LLC $196.88 GALLERY INDIAN PALMS PARTNERS $148.31 GALLERY INDIAN PALMS PARTNERS $23.82 IGNACIO VARGAS $27.78 JOHNANN McILWAIN $4,920.00 JUANA CHAPA $180.93 KYLE ERIC EMERY $49.99 LA QUINTA SURGERY CENTER $302.33 LA QUINTA SURGERY CENTER $166.54 LA QUINTA SURGERY CENTER $151.05 LEESTER COLEMAN $164.70 LEONOR ALVAREZ $214.23 MALE MEDICAL CENTER $1,067.36 MARIA NATIVIDAD GARCIA $29.13 MARKLEY L AU $85.55 MARTHA FLORES RODRIGUEZ $17.85 MARTIN RICHARD AUZA $93.65 MASON K LORD $15.00 MAXIMO ADAN CRUZ $236.07 MAYRA CALVILLO $76.00 MERCEDES MARTINEZ $149.86 MISSION HEALTHCARE SERVICES IN $503.10 OSCAR MIRANDA $25.00 PAUL C REESE $28.70 PENELOPE ESTRADA ZUNIGA $25.00 ROBERT T SANDOVAL $236.84 SAL A ALONGI $50.00 SELMA BETZABEL MARQUEZ $122.23 SUSIE BROOKS $57.97 WEIZHENG WU $100.00 Miscellaneous Accounts NAME CREDIT EL CENTRO MOBILEHOME PARK $76.63 MARY ELIZABETH FORD $406.00 HORACE D GILLES TRS ET UX $46.63 YSMAEL GUTIERREZ $50.00 WILLIAM R & MARY JANE KNUTSON ET AL $178.51 RYLAND HOMES LOS JARDINES $950.00 JOSE INES SANDOVAL $40.00 MARY E TRIMBLE $100.00 Customer Service Projects SOLAR CONTRACTOR NAME CREDIT Complete Solar $536.13 Green Solar Tech $355.00 Greenify $536.13 Smart Energy Solar $750.00 Smart Energy Solar $536.13 Smart Energy Solar $355.00 Smart Energy Solar $750.00 Solar City $536.13 Solar City $536.13 Solar City $536.13 Solar City $536.13 Solar Power Professionals $750.00 Solar Power Professionals $536.13 Solar Spectrum/Sungivity $750.00 General Accounting/Accounts Payable NAME CREDIT CHERYL HENDERSON BAILEY $32.19 DAVID BENDHEIM $277.60 JOHN S. BRITTAN $191.51 JULIE CROTHERS $75.00 PATRICIA HOYT DILLINGHAM $120.70 ELLINOR F. ZILLMAN TRUST $32.19 BRUNO R. FECKETTER $96.56 BARBARA J FENLEY $193.12 GILBERTO A GIL $100.00 RANDY R GOMEZ $50.00 ROBERT & HELEN HEACOCK $193.12 BRIAN L. HENDERSON $32.19 DOYLE RICHARD HENDERSON $32.19 LAWRENCE & FREDDIE HENDERSON $96.56 PATRICIA F. JACOBS $32.19 ALVIN B. JORDAN, $48.28 SCOTT J & MARY R MIGHELL $39.82 MARGUERITE H. SIMMONS $44.94 MARGUERITE H. SIMMONS $1,809.64 SMART ENERGY SOLAR $5,308 PATRICIA M. SOLIZ, $32.19 ROBERT G. SPEIDEL $41.32 ROBERT G. SPEIDEL $445.12 ERNESTO T VALENZUELA $90.67 KEVIN WATTERS $375.00 JACK H. ZILLIMAN $96.56 L307 Au24,31

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