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United States Department of the Interior BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS FORT YUMA AGENCY Yuma, Arizona 85364


The US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fort Yuma Agency, on behalf of the Quechan Indian Tribe of the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation, provides notice under Sealed Bids for the advertisement of available land for farming leases on trust or restricted Indian land pursuant to authority authorized by Title 25 Code of Federal Regulations part 162. We will be accepting SEALED BIDS ONLY for Farming leases on the described tracts of restricted Indian lands. Sealed bids will be received by the Office of the Superintendent, Fort Yuma Agency, until close of business October 22, 2020. ALL BIDS WILL BE OPENED AT THE FORT YUMA AGENCY VIA CONFERENCE CALL at 9:00 AM October 23, 2020 (928) 248-3386 MEETING ID 3371. THE QUECHAN INDIAN TRIBE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REJECT ANY OR ALL BIDS AND TO DISAPPROVE AND REJECT PRIOR TO APPROVAL ANY LEASE SUBMITTED ON AN ACCEPTED BID. Bids must be enclosed in separate envelopes and each plainly marked, SEALED BID ON FARMING LEASE, ITEM NO ____, TO BE OPENED ON October 23, 2020. Mail bids to the Fort Yuma Agency, 256 S 2nd Avenue Suite D, Yuma, Arizona 85364 or personally deliver sealed bids to the Fort Yuma Agency

IMPORTANT TERMS SUBJECT TO REVIEW/APPROVAL BY QUECHAN TRIBE: 1. Leases will be made for a term not to exceed six years with Quechan Tribe approval as to length of term and Secretarys approval. 2. All lands are being offered for the highest annual consideration. 3. Since one source provides irrigation water to Ranch 7 through Ranch 4, the Tribe prefers one lessee lease both ranches. If there are two successful bidders, one for each ranch, then the two bidders shall be required to closely coordinate their irrigation schedules. 4. The successful bidder may be required to provide insurance in an amount adequate to protect any improvements on the leased premises. 5. The successful bidder may be required to furnish a satisfactory bond, i.e. letter of credit, certificate of deposit or corporate surety bond for the duration of the lease term. 6. No deposits will be required with the bids. 7. The successful bidder shall complete and return the lease and all supporting documents within 60 days of notification of lease award. 8. A non-refundable administrative fee in the amount of 3% of the annual rental payment not to exceed $500.00 will be required on each lease. 9. Rent will be due and payable to the Quechan Indian Tribe at the beginning of each lease year unless otherwise stated by the lease. All leases approved under this advertisement will be direct pay. 10. A Tribal Business Permit will be required to conduct business activities on leased land on the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation. The permit ranges from $150.00 - $500.00 per year depending on business activity. 11. Pursuant to a Tribal Animal Control Service Ordinance, a fee will be assessed on all agricultural leases based upon the number of acres leased per year. 12. A Tribal Pesticide Ordinance requires applicators to obtain a permit from the Tribes Pesticide Program and notify the program in advance of each application of pesticide/herbicide. Further information concerning this advertisement may be obtained by contacting Johnita Whiteman, Realty Officer, at 928-248-3378, or via email at johnita.whiteman@bia.gov.

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