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HEBER PUBLIC UTILTY DISTRICT Water & Wastewater Facility Energy Evaluation

Sealed proposals will be received by the Heber Public Utility District at 1078 Dogwood Road, Suite 103, Heber, California 92249 until 2:00 p.m., prevailing local time, Friday, August 7, 2020 for the professional services for the preparation of an Energy Evaluation that will provide recommendations to reduce the energy cost and usage at its water and wastewater treatment plants and pump stations. Qualifications: The consultant must have performed at least w water/wastewater facility energy and process evaluations. Must possess or have access to field testing equipment to perform power, flow and pressure measurements. Must have at least 5 years experience with water/wastewater process systems. Must have experience in obtaining funding for energy projects from utility programs, government programs or other funding sources. Must provide other energy related qualifications and experience and a minimum of two references for energy evaluation work. General Work Description: The objective of this project is to properly evaluate all facility process and HVAC systems, the Consultant is expected to perform a detailed review of facility equipment and systems with staff, collect energy usage and equipment data, and develop cost savings recommendations. The scope of work shall include the following: Site Visits/Data Collections; Energy Analysis and Report Development; Process Systems Evaluations; and a Cost/Benefit Analysis. Copies of the Bid Package are available for examination without charge during normal business hours at the office of the Heber Public Utility District:

Heber Public Utility District 1078 Dogwood Road, Suite 103 Heber, CA 92249 (760) 482-2440

Questions shall be addressed to Ms. Laura Fischer. Copies of the Bid Package may be obtained from The Heber Public Utility District, 1078 Dogwood Road, Suite 103, Heber, CA, 92249, (760) 482-2440 by requesting a copy of the Bid Package. The bid documents are also available on our website at www.heber.ca.gov. L675 Jn28,Jy1,5


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