This 3 ingredient peanut pie will dazzle you with deliciousness

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Sometimes it’s a good thing that a long laundry list of ingredients stands between you and making dessert. 12 different teaspoons of this or that means a lot of time and a couple trips to the grocery story before you can even think about eating dessert. But other times, a super simple recipe means you have no excuse to not make dessert.

This peanut butter pie is so easy it’s almost too good to be true. Almost.

Just stir together creamy peanut butter and your favorite kind of vanilla Greek yogurt and pour into a premade crust. If you aren’t great at math, that’s 3 ingredients, zero prep, and a whole lot of protein. That's enough to qualify it for a breakfast food...right? Greek yogurt and peanut butter make the filling thick and rich, and the toppings really put it over the edge. You can make it even more simple by watching the how-to video here.


32 oz Vanilla Greek Yogurt

2 cups creamy peanut butter

1 Chocolate or Graham cracker pie crust

Optional Toppings:

Whipped cream

Chocolate sauce

Chocolate cookies or peanut butter candies


Spoon out your yogurt and peanut butter into a large bowl and whisk to combine. The yogurt and peanut butter are both pretty thick, so it’ll take a little elbow grease to combine them into a smooth and creamy filling.

When you don’t see any more streaks of peanut butter or yogurt, pour into your piecrust, and lick the bowl (you know you want to).

Let the pie chill out freezer for 4-6 hours, until firm. Slice into wedges, top with whatever you’d like, and dive in.

Emily Cummings, FamilyShare

Emily is a graduate of Brigham Young University and is always looking forward to dinner. Read more about her travels and tastings at


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