ID#: 21-0269

AGE: 2 ½ years

SEX: Female

BREED: Shepherd/chow mix

COLOR: Tan/brown

WEIGHT: 53 pounds

Chanel came into our care March 23 from Mexicali. Due to the influx of owner surrenders and animals coming in from animal control on a daily basis, we are not able to regularly take in animals from Mexicali. The person who found her sent us pictures of her with several 4-week-old puppies. They were living in garbage in a dirt field behind what looked like some abandoned buildings. The person who found them said they had asked several other people and rescues to take them, but no one was willing to do so. When we saw their living conditions, we knew we had to help and we agreed to take them in. A few days later Chanel and only one of her puppies arrived at the shelter. When we asked what happened to the others, we were told that the others were nowhere to be found. The following day we noticed that the puppy was not doing well and he had blood coming from his behind. We rushed him to the vet where he was diagnosed with parvo. Unfortunately he did not make it. We could tell that Chanel was quite upset when she first arrived at our shelter. She would walk around her kennel looking for her other puppies. When we had to take the remaining puppy away, it made the transition that much harder for her. We made sure to give her extra love and attention and bring her into our front office everyday to socialize so she didn’t feel lonely. Chanel has done very well since coming in to the front office. She gets along very well with the other dogs, both big and small. When she walks by cats she does not pay any attention to them, even if they hiss at her. We have no way of knowing if she used to be an indoor dog, but she definitely prefers to be indoors and has never had a potty accident while inside. We believe she may be potty trained since she will hold her business until she is let out. Chanel is very affectionate with everyone she meets and she loves to give kisses after being pet or scratched behind her ears. She has a very gentle disposition and she loves to go on walks. We do not know all of Chanel’s back story or what all she has gone through, but we can only imagine. What we do know is that she is very grateful for being saved, has an immense amount of love to give and she would fit in perfectly with just about any family. Chanel is ready for her happily ever after. If you would like to set up an appointment for a meet and greet with Chanel, please call the shelter during our business hours or email us at Due to COVID-19, meet and greets are by appointment only. Chanel’s adoption fee is $120. 

Adoption benefits include:

- Up-to-date on vaccinations

- Microchipping

- Spay/neuter

- One FREE wellness check with local veterinarian.

- One FREE grooming with Awesome Pawz in Holtville (dog only). 

1575 W. Pico Ave.

El Centro, CA 92243

(760) 352-1911

Business hours

Tuesday-Friday: 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

Saturday: 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

*Closed all major holidays* 

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