Changing spaces, expanding collections

IVDM volunteers remove shelving from the Imperial County Courthouse. PHOTO IVDM

The Imperial Valley and Southern California are ripe with history. They have been home to a multitude of peoples with traditions and a presence that spans the millenia.

From the Kumeyaay to the Quechan, Cocopah, Cahuilla and Pai Pai, there is evidence of life and civilization in our deserts, mountains and along our rivers that — it has been argued — extends back over 50,000 years. With that long a history, the material evidence of those early peoples and their activity and lives is abundant.

Changing spaces, expanding collections

IVDM staff dismantling shelves from the museum storage rooms. PHOTO IVDM

Changing spaces, expanding collections

Curator Kristin O’Lear begins the long process of recording the movement of boxes during their transfer. PHOTO IVDM

Changing spaces, expanding collections

The first boxes are moved to their new temporary storage space. PHOTO IVDM

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