County pressed to revive IVROP Rising Stars program

IVROP Development Specialist Aurora Suarez presents an award to a young girl during IVROP’s second annual Rising Stars Education Awards event held May 24, 2018 in El Centro. IVP FILE PHOTO

EL CENTRO — A group of community members voiced their desire to the county Board of Supervisors on Tuesday to bring back Imperial Valley Regional Occupation Program’s Rising Stars, a foster youth program that was shut down in June due to a lack of funding.

Three members of the group, which consisted of program staff members, parents and children who were in the program and an elementary school teacher, took to the podium and shared their thoughts with the board during Tuesday’s public comment session.

Staff Writer Vincent Osuna can be reached at or 760-337-3442.

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Charles Z.

Rising Stars has always been a very productive and important program that provided a wealth of services to the youth of Imperial County. The previous director did not value the services that were provided because she was completely detached from these programs and unaware of their positive impact. The new director needs to do her homework and realize the value of programs that help children early to get a quality education. The County of Imperial could pay for this type of program now at a fraction of the cost of what they will pay in the future for the cost of incarceration of these at risk youth. It’s just common sense but that’s something the previous director of Social Services lacked. The new director should address this immediately.

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