ECRMC reports no post-holiday COVID surge

El Centro Regional Medical Center’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Adolphe Edward (far left) speaks during a COVID-19 update on Thursday via Facebook Live. COURTESY PHOTO ECRMC

EL CENTRO — El Centro Regional Medical Center has not seen the surge of COVID-19 positive patients that it initially anticipated as a result of Christmas and New Year holiday gatherings.

The hospital’s chief executive officer, Dr. Adolphe Edward, reported this Thursday morning during a COVID-19 update via Facebook Live.

Edward said a surge would be evident at this point, as Thursday was 15 days from New Year’s Day.

“I want to thank the community for doing what they did during the holiday season, which is celebration of the first, of the New Year, because we haven’t seen the high numbers that we had anticipated,” he said.

As of Thursday, ECRMC had a total inpatient count of 127, of whom 93 were COVID positive.

On Dec. 24, the hospital had an inpatient count of 186.

The number of COVID patients has also steadily decreased for ECRMC. It had 131 on Dec. 21.

“We also are not transferring as many patients,” Edward said. “We’re seeing, of course, three to five deaths a day. And that’s high, but now we’re turning that around as well, because the numbers are starting to drop, as well.”

During Thursday’s update, Edward also spoke about the monoclonal antibody infusion therapy being offered at the hospital to COVID-positive patients.

The therapy is free, as the medication that is being used is provided by the federal government.

Edward said the therapy has helped patients avoid staying at the hospital.

Out of the 133 patients who have received the therapy, 127 of them have not required admission, he said.

Those who test positive for COVID and meet a certain criteria can be referred to the infusion center at the hospital.

The criteria include being 12 years old or older, weighing more than 88 pounds and having at least one high risk factor, if under the age of 65.

A couple who underwent the therapy, Christina and Adolfo Garcia, spoke during Thursday’s update and gave their testimony.

Staff Writer Vincent Osuna can be reached at or 760-337-3442.

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