Donal Logue: Actor talks about growing up in the Valley and doing ‘your own stuff’

Actor Donal Logue wasn’t born in the Imperial Valley, and he hasn’t lived here for years, but the Central Union High School graduate has never lost his affection for his childhood home. COURTESY PHOTO

Actor Donal Logue has never made of secret of his love for Imperial Valley and the years he spent growing up here. The Central Union High School graduate still has friends in the Valley and occasionally might even be sighted passing through, sporting a Camacho’s T-shirt on set or giving a shout-out on social media.

Logue has found steady work in Hollywood for almost three decades, including television series such as “Grounded for Life,” “Terriers,” “Sons of Anarchy” and “Law & Order: SVU,” and films such as “The Tao of Steve,” “The Patriot,” “Blade,” and “Sneakers.”

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john moreno

Donal used to come in to Clark Baker music on Main St when I worked there. He was Benny's friend. I've seen him in lots of stuff. Glad he's getting so much work. It's nice that he mentions John Everly. I did one play with John and we both worked on Losin' It when it filmed in the Valley. I was just an extra in a night time crowd scene but I heard John was a stand in for Tom Cruise. John was a very talented hard working young man who died way too early. Keep up the good work Donal.

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