The Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association strongly supports the idea and belief that all vegetables are good for you and can help lead to a healthier and longer life. That opinion, of course, could be considered by many to be highly biased. So, we did some research with more neutral sources that have some scientific focus about your health. WebMD is one of those sources. They actually have a list of 12 “powerhouse” vegetables that they recommend for you to include in your regular diet. 

1. Beet greens — their edible, leafy tops are brimming with vitamin K, which can lower your chance of getting type 2 diabetes.  The recommended quantity is one cup daily.  Cooking tip: Sauté in olive oil with some garlic (doesn’t everything taste better with garlic?). The greens may also be finely chopped to use in frittatas, soups, or pasta dishes.

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