Looming blooms: a desert alive!

An ocotillo cactus in bloom – note the red flowers at its top! PHOTO IVDM


To an outsider or the inexperienced, the deserts of southern California can seem like inhospitable spaces, devoid of life. In the high heat of the summer months, it is often a wondrous thing to see any plant or animal — snake, insect, small rodent, or even the odd jackrabbit — filling the space and eking out a survival. But in the winter months, with the arrival of December, January and February rains, the desert undergoes a dramatic transformation, becoming a place lush with life and color.

This change is a vital boost to the region, providing new growth for its local ecosystem before the long summer months and even supporting modern industry with the arrival of bloom-focused tourism. This cycle, on which we have come to expect and rely, captures the true beauty of our deserts — not just as flowers in bloom, but as the manifestation of a system representing countless generations of plant and animal adaptation in what is truly a Land of Extremes.

Looming blooms: a desert alive!

The winter months in Imperial Valley are an excellent time for photography for flower enthusiasts. PHOTO IVDM


Looming blooms: a desert alive!

Getting a close-up look of a worm at the 2019 Ocotillo Blooms. PHOTO IVDM

Looming blooms: a desert alive!

A Painted Lady Butterfly on a blooming creosote bush at IVDM. PHOTO IVDM

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