Minivan Mama: Preschooler asks about gender-specific careers


“Mommy, I wish there were women police, like the men,” said my lately-all-too-inquisitive 5-year-old daughter on a non-eventful afternoon as I folded laundry and her older brothers labored through their day’s homework at the nearby table.

She continued in her monologue and described a character from the recent film “Zootopia” that she saw with my husband and her brothers. Naturally, I made the connection as any mother who is used to deciphering the wandering thoughts of a preschooler would. I looked upon the top of my pile to be sorted and there sat a policeman costume — complete with bulging six pack — and all the pieces came together. Isabelle wanted to wear her brother’s Purim (Jewish holiday in which children dress up) costume.

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