Social media shows the Imperial city manager, Mayor Geoff Dale and the city manager's assistant on a trip in Washington, D.C.  It has been noticed the city manager's assistant attends many trips such as this with him (at least two that I can see on social media), in addition to attending meetings in the Valley.

I have never seen another city manager anywhere take his assistant with him/her for several two- or three-day trips. If the City of Imperial is so broke, why is a secretary going on these trips? Is the city manager incapable of attending meetings and providing updates to the council by himself? What is this costing the tax payers?

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Will Dewnow

My personal interactions with her felt as though she was just a Secretary. She took notes and I was told I would receive a follow up call which I never received. I would, for the sake of transparency, like to see an audit of work she has completed as an Analysis. If she is responsible for what is claimed there should be various reports of her findings available correct? I couldn't find any such reports. Where would I find this?

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