The Imperial Valley Renewable Energy Summit began Wednesday with a bus tour of the area’s renewable energy projects.

The tour headed west from the Quechan Casino Resort in Winterhaven to a number of solar projects in the Calexico area before heading north toward the Salton Sea area.

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John Mackey

Did Anyone There Say The Salton Sea Need Not Be Restored? It makes my blood boil when one in charge dismisses an idea that wasn't his/her own! What I've suggested is totally doable. We need an EIR that envisions a 30-inch pipe lain in the bed of The New River, so that seawater arrives in Niland where we build a geothermal-powered desalination plant. The brine we keep, dry and sell to Denver for roadsalt. Mexicali will cooperate, if I have to learn Spanish and go down there myself.

Imari Kariotis

No one said that it didn't need to be restored, on the contrary many say renewable energy will be what helps the Salton Sea survive. I've spent 3 days at this energy summit talking with industry and letting them know that the Community around the Sea wants it viable for other things beside the renewable energy business.

Many talked about a smaller viable Sea. Kevin Kelly from IID said,: The Salton Sea will be smaller but sustainable." The only question that was not answered but those speaking were at what level will the Salton Sea be restored to. Now that is the 9 Billion dollar question.

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