EL CENTRO — Imperial County managed to even out its 2018-19 budget using one-time funds, and the prospect of having to do that again for 2019-20 concerns District 1 Supervisor Jesus Eduardo Escobar.

County Executive Officer Mayra Widmann presented the Board of Supervisors an end-of-year report for the 2018-19 fiscal year at its meeting on Tuesday.

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Charles Z.

Knowing the way the Board of Supervisors operated in the past I am a little skeptical of this “ Unexpected Windfall “ explanation. It’s quite possible that this money was available all along but the Board of Supervisors hid it because they were continuing their practice of unfair labor negotiations with county employee bargaining units. When former CEO Ralph Cordova was in charge this was common practice and Supervisors like Mike Kelley and Raymond Castillo were fully on board with the deception. They once hid over 10 million dollars from the bargaining units but it was discovered by employees working in the auditors office. That corruption was common place unde the former CEO which contributed to his unceremonious sudden “ Retirement “ which nobody in the media covered. His co- conspirators still are on the board so I suspect this practice continues. If Imperial County wants to solve its budgetary issues and have a more transparent and honest budget discussion there needs to be some housecleaning done by the voters in a few of the districts that continue to elect officials that have continued to produce no results in attracting new industries or revenue potential for the citizens of the county they are supposed to serve. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks but more importantly you cannot break them of their bad habits. Imperial County residents deserve better. Vote for some new blood and new ideas in the upcoming elections and bring the much needed change that can restore confidence and trust in the Imperial County Board of Supervisors. What have they done for you lately??

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