On behalf of the IVROP Community Foundation Board, Terri Rogers (president), Sam Couchman (member), Jacinto Cruz Jimenez (member) and Edwin Obergfell (secretary), we would like to thank the 2023 celebrity stars, professional instructors, sponsors, and the patrons for another successful sold-out fundraising event at the Dancing with the Stars Gala of May 12, 2023.

A total of six local celebrity stars and professionals competed in a friendly competition in a variety of dance styles that kept the attendees entertained and in awe of the high-level performances during the 14th annual event. All six teams delivered their dance routines with compelling passion and poise.

The 2023 IVROPCF Gala also broke records in attendance, sponsorships, and showmanship. This was the first time in 14 years that the event witnessed a three-way tie between the top performing teams as scored by the judges. The tie led to a “Dance Off” competition between Mary Lara and her dance partner Marina Corral, Geoff Dale and his partner Susana Irigoyen, and Rosie Allegranza and her dance partner Fernando Romo.

The patrons were also stars because of their attendance, generous donations, and support. We also thank our 2023 Event Coordinator Anne Irigoyen, Volunteer Coordinator Wendy Ramirez, and the amazing IVROP and IVROPCF volunteers. We also thank the individual and organizations that provided their complete support for this successful event and magical night, Dalia Jimenez (Fitness Oasis), Susana Irigoyen (Dancin' Feet), and many others that are not included in this letter due to space limitations.

Our 2023 Sponsors were: Vesper Society, State Farm - Marianne Valenzuela Fenley, Burgers & Beer, Sun Community Federal Credit Union, BHE Renewables, Imperial Printers/Rocket Copy, Conveyor Group, Victoria Homes, and EnergySources Minerals.

This year IVROPCF increased the number of scholarships awarded from 37 to 40 while dollars awarded were increased from $24,500 (2021-22) to $25,750 (2022-23). Since 2004, the total awards issued were 367 for a total cumulative dollar amount of $356,350 provided to graduating seniors in Imperial County high schools.

We invite you to visit our website ivropcf.org to find a list of the recipients for this year.

– IVROP Community Foundation Board

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