Trifecta Construction has proven to be a winning bet

Trifecta Construction partners Ramon Robledo (front) and Mauricio Morales review a set of blueprints at a construction site. COURTESY PHOTO

Trifecta Construction was founded in 2006 by Ramon Robledo, Mauricio Morales, and Alfredo Ventura. They started out as three buddies who had a dream of owning their own construction company and utilizing the skills they each mastered. They chose to become business partners and name their company to reflect a very good bet; that is, picking the top three finishers in a race.

Today, Robeldo and Morales continue the El Centro-based business. Their company has grown to include a diverse crew of 10 employees.

Robeldo is a native of the Imperial Valley who grew up in Heber and graduated from Central Union High School. He remembers working closely with his father who was a harvesting contractor before he entered construction. He was fortunate to obtain a job with Lesicka Construction.

Morales is a native of the Mexicali area and gained construction experience from his uncle who owned a lumber yard in Mexicali.  After graduating from a University in Mexicali, he was employed as an accountant for the Mattel Co. until they closed the facility there in 1975. He then moved to El Centro where he built his house with Mark Gaddis from G4 Construction. Eventually, he met Ventura and Robeldo when the three were employed by G4 Construction.

Robeldo credits his acquired carpentry skills to Leon Lesicka and David Valenzuela. “Mr. Lesicka was known as one of the finest contractors ever,” Robeldo recalled. “He not only taught me carpentry, but also how to be professional always and how to treat the customer with respect.”

Robledo and his mentor got along quite well. Robledo fondly remembers asking Lesicka to sign for their contractor’s license and Lesicka commenting, “It’s about time, fat boy.”

“Mr. Lesicka’s contribution to the Imperial Valley goes beyond his professional skills,” Robeldo said.

As a carpenter apprentice, Robeldo learned not only carpentry skills, but Valenzuela mentored him in the specialized skills of drafting and cabinet-making. Valenzuela works with Trifecta now and shares his skill and knowledge with many of the employees.

Trifecta Construction is known for remodeling homes, kitchens, bathrooms and commercial businesses. In building or remodeling homes, additions to buildings and patios, they draw up the blueprints for approval by the client and obtain the necessary permits based on those blueprints. They start from the ground up to include concrete work, plumbing, framing, electrical wiring, drywall, roofing, painting, and tile and stone work. If the plans include new cabinets, Trifecta will build them.

No job is too small for them. They are best known for kitchen remodels and upgrades. Although major remodels are a specialty, they perform jobs of all sizes. Trifecta contracts work throughout the Imperial Valley. Due to client referrals, a lot of the remodeling construction they do is based in Brawley. They prove that a Keystone Road is just a road, not a Mason-Dixon line. 

Trifecta has remodeled and updated five well known family-owned restaurants in the Imperial Valley. Las Chabelas Restaurant in Brawley, The Courtroom Restaurant in El Centro, The Town Pump in Westmorland, and Brownie’s Diner in Brawley are all part of this portfolio. Currently Trifecta is remodeling Grasso’s Italian Restaurant in El Centro.

Today, as Robeldo and Morales think back, they know how blessed they are to have been mentored by some of the best local craftsmen in the trade of construction. In addition, they are grateful to have kept busy and engaged during the pandemic. They are best friends through a shared love of fishing. They look forward to spending some time fishing in the Sea of Cortez in Baja California. Meanwhile, they are focused on the remodel and expansion of Grasso’s, as well as other jobs. And Robledo proudly continues Lesicka’s legacy of mentoring others in the field of construction.




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