It seems that President Biden and his administration are hell-bent on getting the “rich” to pay their fair share. How about having the “illegal immigrants” pay their fair share? It is reported that over $140 billion was sent home in 2020, and $40 billion of that was sent to Mexico, according to the World Bank. I’m not saying that the source of that was all related to “illegal immigrants,” but I would suspect a significant amount was.

Just what are the costs to the United States in housing, food, medical, schooling, etc., each year to handle this influx? Without thinking too long, I would say that the costs to the United States are significantly more than $140 billion.

So, Mr. Biden, before you get busy and start applying more taxes to the “rich,” the ones who do create jobs, pay taxes and invest in our United States, I would suggest you look at the ones who take advantage of this place we call home.

—Bob Michel, Brawley

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