Columnist Arturo Bojorquez opines that democracy is badly served (IV Press, July 2) by the IVC and Imperial County Office of Education (ICOE) trustees’ votes to not hold special elections for the court-ordered vacated seats unlawfully hogged by the incarcerated Annette Gonzalez-Buttner.

Conceding the IVC board “is completely in accordance with the law” regarding their latitude to fill a vacated trustee seat, Bojorquez wants them “to think twice before” they follow the path of democracy he abhors: IVC trustees mirroring the ICOE trustees’ vote to select a business owner with experience in making payroll and serving on a city planning commission.

Bojorquez hopes “a couple of Calexico organizations” — whom he cannot name — hunt up “in the places where the directors of the school (IVC) work” and “pressure them or at least make them uncomfortable” for acting “unilateral and undemocratic.” He rejects IVC’s intention to interview, in open session, potential appointees for IVC trustee and then appoint a replacement to the disgraced Gonzalez-Buttner.

Franz Kafka could have ghostwritten for Bojorquez: IVC elected representatives may lawfully discharge their duty as stewards of public trust, but they better not vote to replace a vacated seat at their table because “a couple of organizations,” er, goons and bullies, may cause you pain where you grind out a living.

One of the IVC board members is an ordained Catholic priest and administers a private elementary school whose principal holds a Ph.D. One wonders how many Ph.D. principals of elementary schools have graced America with erudite education? How does disrupting both a church and school dovetail into Bojorquez’s double-secret probation tactics?

Absentee ballot voters swung the election to Annette Gonzalez-Buttner. Maybe those are some of the same unnamed “Calexico organizations’” knee cappers for whom Bojorquez advocates? On Independence Day weekend a free press cannot survive without critical thinkers writing meaningful thoughts inspired by reading, reasoning, and open mindedness. A pall falls where a columnist like Bojorquez calls the respective boards of IVC and ICOE “undemocratic” when they play by the legal rules he doesn’t like.

—David Boniface, El Centro

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