In a letter published July 4, El Centro resident David Boniface opines that columnist Arturo Bojorquez got it wrong when he characterized the IVC board of trustee’s recent decision not to hold a special election to fill Annette Gonzalez-Buttner’s seat as “undemocratic.” But how could it be described as any but undemocratic?

If I gave you a choice between a contested public ballot versus an appointment made by people who don’t live in the area represented, which is the less democratic of the two? The appointment is, categorically, the less democratic. What a concept!

Furthermore, just because the trustees acted “completely in accordance with the law” does not mean the decision was, by definition, democratic. Those are two separate things. The fact that our elected officials acted in accordance with the law is the absolute bare minimum we should expect from them. No one is suggesting either IVC or the ICOE boards broke the law.

I just wish IVC and ICOE would just say what no one wants to say out loud: The replacement elections are being skipped primarily just to save a few bucks. And because these board members who have had to put up with Ms. Gonzalez-Buttner’s antics would probably love to handpick her successors. However, it’s too late for an election now. Hats off to those two IVC trustees for trying to do the right thing by voting for an election.

Finally, Mr. Boniface should learn how elections work and finally accept that “absentee ballot voters” did not “swing” the election to Ms. Gonzalez-Buttner (as he asserts) nor to any other candidate ever. That’s simply not how counting ballots works. I’m sorry to break the news: A vote is a vote when mixed together.

I’m not sure what’s more perplexing. That fact that Mr. Boniface is seemingly terrified of what “a couple of Calexico organizations” are capable of (having clearly never heard of lobbying, pressure groups, or peaceful protest) or the fact that he thinks he’s still a “critical thinker,” which “the free press cannot survive without” after submitting that nonsensical rant to the editor.

—Jacob Rodriguez, El Centro

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