A Reader Writes: The problem of illicit arms trafficking into Mexico

Tarcisio Navarrete Montes de Oca

It is no secret that, notwithstanding its historical commitment to peace in the international arena, Mexico has confronted huge internal security challenges within the last decade. Organized crime — which includes drug trafficking, gasoline theft, extortion and a multiplicity of other illegal activities — is a serious problem that some Mexican communities have unfortunately suffered during this time.

The presence of organized crime in certain regions of Mexico has different causes, among them a lack of economic opportunities as well as past corruption at different levels of governments. But there are also external factors that have an impact on the problem of organized crime in Mexico.

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David Corona Sr.

The truth can be said in two simple words: Demand and greed. Stop the demand for drugs and the problem will be less and other vices will be easier to counter, like human trafficking and gun control.

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