Richard Ryan

Just skimming the headlines this past weekend in this and regional newspapers made me realize the news wasn’t written by the chambers of commerce. Campers fleeing a wildfire evacuated by helicopters from the Mammoth Pool recreation area in Fresno County, a 3.8 magnitude earthquake near Santa Barbara, spiking COVID cases at universities as the young continue to party, and the state declaring a state of emergency due to the heat wave and rolling brownouts. Seems like business as usual in the Golden State as we accept our apocalyptic present.

The silver lining crowd has been cheering that there’s plenty to do in our kitchens and backyards. So we have been cooking a lot. For us it’s a lot. A few times a week is all we can muster since we are stridently committed to supporting local takeout. Everything must be strident these days. If you are only moderately committed to something, you are just sitting on the fence, an uncomfortable place to be. Try it. We have even temporarily taken down the kitchen sign, “La Reyna no Cocina,” the queen doesn’t cook. These are unusual times calling for brave action.

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