LIFE OUT HERE: We knew from the start

I knew who was behind the death of Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire convicted of molesting/sexually trafficking multiple teen girls, the minute I heard he died.

The Clintons.

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Chris C.

The Liar in Chief wasted no time pointing fingers and deflecting to try to somehow spin this in a way that could somehow make people forget all the pictures of him and Epstein and those young women. That and along with the fact that this failure of the people who were charged to guard Epstein were under the command of his personal fixer Billy Barr who as we have seen would do ANYTHING to serve his master. This is right out of the Putin Playbook and probably had Saudi help but it wont matter to the mindless sheep that follow their clown prince. Stock Market tanking, Weekly mass shootings in churches and malls, Blatant racism and bigotry coupled with multiple scandals along with the most corrupt group of thieves ever in an administration but the sheep keep following him to their slaughter. Just another day in the era of Trump.

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