Let's suppose, just for a moment, that the perpetrators of the shootings in El Paso and Dayton were Hispanic and illegal immigrants. 

What would have been President Donald Trump’s reaction? 

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Chris C.

Completely agree. It seems to be tolerable for the current administration to have white males shoot up schools, churches, nightclubs and now grocery stores. It was apparent that they were unwilling to even attempt to pass any sensible gun legislation when a white male slaughtered over 50 people and wounded hundreds more at a Las Vegas country music festival. The new talking point for the NRA/Republican party is blaming video games or movies. I have seen violence in the games and in the movies but nobody dies in the games or the movies for real while we now almost expect some kind of mass shooting weekly where people are slaughtered with guns. Maybe if immigrants ( or rapists and murderers as the Racist in Chief calls them ) actually were carrying AR-15 assault rifles we would actually see some common sense gun laws passed but under this administration and while Moscow Mitch is still the leader of the senate thats unlikely. Trump has the blood of innocent people on his hands and that will be how he is remembered when people look back on this shameful era of Trump. In his words "SAD"!

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