Imperial County Residents vigorously hoped to seize the president’s attention as he arrived to inspect a reconstructed border fence on April 5. Temporarily holding the national spotlight, community residents transformed into activists at the Binational March of Unity.

Beyond calls to “Build Bridges, Not Walls,” residents waved signs that read, “27.5% Unemployment Rate,” and “We Have The Most Polluted River.”

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Charles Z.

Excellent Point! The very existence of the Imperial Valley along with our whole planet is threatened by climate change and yet generations of leaders and lawmakers have kicked this can down the road and chosen to dump in firmly in the laps of future generations that are bound to suffer the consequences of their indifference and greed. Action must be taken immeadiately to mitigate the intensity of those consequences. It sounds cliche but it begins at the ballot box. I applaud your advocacy and am encouraged by your spirit. You and like minded individuals are the hope of this planet. Please continue your efforts. We dont have the luxury of time to waste.

Carlos Acuña

The mind celebrates witnessing the young invite the local reading public to engage in life-and-death environmental discourse. Please allow me a few random thoughts on this topic.
Ms Plancarte asks herself why there exists such little interest on this compelling topic in our Valley and our local press. For one, committed environmentalism condemns depredations of the planet. Our planet can no longer sustain the degradation man has imposed on it for profit, from scarring the land to leveling mountains to devastating our forests to polluting and poisoning our streams and oceans, and the very air we breath. And since these activities tend to generate immense profits for extraction industries, little stands in the way of stopping them, unless we alter the way we perceive profit, success, and progress.
At this point in history one sincerely doubts that our culture’s leaders and elites who profit immensely from extractive, despoiling activities will “somehow” decide to stop over-night or within a few decades, if at all. They perceive little profit in it. The recycle movement has made some headway, but not to the degree required to cease the momentum toward wholesale species’ extinction.
Recall, the very status of our elites as “leaders” hinges on being perceived as wealthy, i.e. “successful,” thus “powerful,” and, hence, influential.
This fear of losing cultural status may in fact incline them to oppose raising taxes or oppose eco-friendly industries and employment! Ironically, such taxes could easily fund jobs to invest in environmental cleanup that profitably recycles waste products.
Now lets bring it home. Who suffers the most from environmental degradation? Residents who live downwind from the Salton Sea and the New River bear witness: those who live closest to extraction and dump sites. I suspect that the Salton Sea qualifies as the latter; it’s been dumped on for decades by seriously polluted irrigation water run-off and by the human and industrial waste-bearing New River. The Sea’s rapid evaporation provides our own respiratory Chernobyl. Make no mistake about it.
Those who label environmentalists “extreme” live in a bubble, and worse, betray themselves and posterity by echoing industry talking points–for free.
There’s nothing extreme about wanting to breath clean air. There’s nothing extreme about wanting our children to grow up in a non-toxic Earth, There’s nothing extreme about putting our fellow humans first.
Be well.

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