After reading about the awful shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, I felt compelled to add my comments on this tragedy.

Although I am not on Facebook and am not too familiar with all the videos that are so popular with the young people currently, it seems to me that all those features have gotten out of control. I just heard on the news that the participation in school sports has become grossly negligible in comparison to five years ago. What a shame. These activities not only are excellent ways to obtain the exercise young people need at their stage in life, but they build character, friendships and useful education on how to get along in the future.

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Chris C.

Agree with you on the content but the internet and video games didnt kill all those people. Guns in the hands of those people was the problem. Their is a lot of garbage out there but Assault weapons, High capacity magazines and easy access to weapons of mass destruction are the biggest problem. The Nut that shot up a concert in Las Vegas didnt play video games or spend his time online doing much besides playing poker and he killed 50 and wounded 400. The answer is SENSIBLE GUN LEGISLATION. See that forrest through the trees.

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