It is easy to kick people when they are down. In Mr. Kofford’s column on July 31, he dumped on the Valley and its lack of cleanliness, chaos and general laziness. People do leave waste in bathrooms, parks, roads, shopping carts, etc. I have witnessed the same phenomena but have a different spin. The first issue is you are part of the problem or part of the solution.

I have a saying: “Everyday always leave the planet better than you found it.” Whether for 24 years as a junior high counselor or a semi-retired park walker, I always pick up trash. I don’t pick up all of it, but I do a little. People who are watching will be inspired to do the same. “All evil needs to grow is for good people to do nothing” (I am too lazy to find the author, but I love the quote!) See? In some areas, I, too, am lazy!

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Chris C.

Sometimes you just have to be blunt. The truth hurts but its still the truth. Glad Mr. Shinn is doing his part but attacking the writer for telling it like it is isnt productive. Maybe he could have done more picking up after others in the time he took to complain about the article saying people should do more to pick up after themselves. Be Better Jimmy!

don/cheryl brock

Jim is to be commended for his positive comments - he is an asset to this community.

Chris C.

Totally agree. Imagine how much worse the situation would be if Jim hadn’t devoted his time and efforts to helping to pick up after others and clean up their mess. I commend him for those efforts and commend Mr. Kofford for having the courage to address the issue directly without trying to candy coat things. If more people would take pride in their community and simply pick up after themselves can you imagine how much of a positive effect that might have. Mr. Kofford has demonstrated he really cares about the community and simply wishes others would feel the same. I’m sure you would agree Mr. Kofford is a very important voice for advocating positive change as well. Great Journalism is not afraid to point out areas that can help improve the community even if it may ruffle some feathers. Mr. Kofford is a valuable voice and just like Jim an asset to the community.

Carlos Villalon

"Speak up, but in a kind, gentle, respectful way." Great article.


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