Anger will lead to revolution!  I make this statement in regards to the recent protests at the Capitol. Some say organized by Trump. Some say Antifa. Some may even say KKK, Q-ANON or Proud Boys, etc. ... and probably many other groups that are itching to get their message across. Regardless of who may have incited the protest, bad apples might have taken things too far by their extreme actions.  I am not condoning any of these groups, however, nor do I condemn them.  I believe protests by the people must exist or government will ultimately rule every aspect of your life and the lives of our children. One side, (let’s just call it “the LEFT”) doesn't really seem to care that the government is so ... well ... “GOVERNING,” for a lack of better terms.  And so, when the so called leaders of this country make the decisions they make and write the laws they write ... they seem to just swallow that pill no matter how jagged! No questions asked! Just do it and if you don't agree, then do things the right way and use your power to VOTE for the people you want to make those decisions.

The problem with this theory of effectiveness, is that modern government and modern democracy has become so effective over time that it works extremely well now.  Problem is, it ONLY works “extremely well” for the politicians. not for the people. Politicians have found a way to slow the process to the point that NOTHING moves at all. It's called gridlock. Especially when the two parties can't come to an agreement.  For some others, (let’s just call them “the RIGHT”), this is infuriating and for decades, people have slowly started to catch on and understand we've been duped. And when people get to that point, sometimes storming the castle might be the only alternative.

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