Rightwing talk radio (970 Palm Springs) hosts are now telling their listeners that if Trumps loses, we will lose our rights and our lives. Wow, que onda? And they will counter with a civil war.

Well, folks, not having a gun or even owning a cell phone, I will split to Mexicali and watch from the roof of the Hotel del Norte. Look, I just saw on the TV still another Black man dropped to the ground and beaten hard by white “peace officers” for not having an ID card – which reminds me, not having a phone is a plus, so I won’t get confused for carrying a gun.

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October 22nd VOTP is about ‘Why the paper didn’t post story of Trump Rally in the 19th?’

I’m surprised they posted the VOTP editorial at all! Just wanted to give kudos to Cheryl Manning for writing that and actually ‘ole Danny boy too on this one... never seen him so impartial and fair! I even sent pictures of the rally they never decided to post and videos clips to the local TV stations they very easily could have used and decided not to!

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