I will not label President Trump as a racist. However, his comments of four Leftist Democrat women of color, were certainly way off political correctness.

No, it was a well-calculated Trump move, by patronizing/leading on the White Nationalist/Supremist, bigoted rednecks. Those, along with the beneficiaries of his tax cuts, make up his 40 percent base. They will back him and support him, no matter what!

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Chris C.

Trump is a symptom of a much bigger problem that is coming to light under his presidency. Bigotry is alive and well in America. To many it seemed that America had gotten past its ugly history of slavery and racism. The Republican Party used that underlying racism and fear the privately was devastated by the thought of a black man being president of the United States. They plotted and planned and worked behind the scenes focusing on state elections to try to obstruct all the progress the Obama administration. Trump with help from Putin and Russia stoked that racial fear in the whitest states in the Midwest to win the presidency by having a majority in the electoral college despite losing the popular vote by some four million votes. Trump has doubled down and has stoked that racism in his attempt to get re-elected in 2020. Right now his target population seems to be Hispanic non citizens but are Hispanic citizens next? He has continued to label them murderers and rapists. Who’s next on Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s detention camp list? Muslims? Asians? African Americans? People with dark hair? Senior Citizens? We’ve witnessed this in history before and apparently never learned from it.

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