CALEXICO -- A 16-year-old Calexico High male student was arrested by police Sunday after he allegedly made an online threat to shoot at the school.

The alleged threat was reported to police by the Calexico Unified School District on Saturday evening, prompting an immediate investigation, the Calexico Police Department reported.

The alleged threat was made in reference to the high school's recent decision to close its campus during the lunch hour, a police press release stated.

The person making the alleged threat stated that if the school closed the campus, "it's time to be a school shooter," CPD reported.

Another unidentified person advised the male student that it was a done deal and that it was going to be closed. The male student then stated "welp I'm gonna buy a vun," "gun," the police stated. 

The alleged threat was reportedly made in June but was brought to the attention of district officials on Saturday, the district announced in a press release Sunday.

The Police Department looked into the matter and was assisted by the Calexico High School's administration in identifying the person making the alleged threats. 

On Sunday, the person of interest was contacted, interviewed and subsequently arrested and booked into county juvenile hall, police reported.

A police report will be filled with the proper authorities alleging a violation of California Penal Code Section 422- making criminal threats, the CPD reported.

The Calexico Police Department and Calexico Unified School District worked this case diligently and expeditiously to assure the safety of all students, staff, and citizens of Calexico.

"The Calexico Police Department will not take any threat lightly, and we will investigate them and arrest any person who makes these types of threats," said Chief Gonzalo Gerardo in a written statement.

The Calexico Police Department would like to thank the persons who reported this matter to the Calexico Unified School District.

"Reporting crimes before they occur is the only way that law enforcement will have the upper hand in combating these acts," Gerardo stated. "We must stop them before they can be carried out."

The Calexico Police Department had previously made plans to increase police presence for the first week of school, the department reported. 

The district urged all of its parents to talk to their children regarding making any gestures, jokes, hoaxes, social media posts or communication that may be interpreted as a potential threat against a school site, staff or students.

"Due to heightened security measures, any student who engages in this type of behavior will face disciplinary action as per CUSD Board Policies as well as California Penal Code that may lead to the arrest of the student," the district stated in a press release.

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