UPDATE: Gildardo Romero, 59, of Calexico, Juan Diaz, 41, of El Centro, and Guillermo Gutierrez, 33, of Calexico, were identified as the three men who died Thursday morning in a vehicle collision in Calexico, county coroner’s office announced Friday.


CALEXICO — Three local men traveling in a vehicle together died Thursday morning after being hit by a farm labor bus on westbound State Route 98, California Highway Patrol announced.

The three men sustained fatal injuries after their vehicle was hit by a farm labor bus on westbound State Route 98, California Highway Patrol stated.

The driver of the farm labor bus, Lucila Arizmendi, 49, of Salinas, was hospitalized with minor injuries.

The incident occurred approximately 5 a.m. Thursday when Arizmendi was driving a Bluebird Farm Bus with no passengers on westbound SR-98, east of Holdridge Street.

At the same time, the three men were traveling eastbound on SR-98 in a Nissan Sentra, which was being driven by Romero.

The Nissan was exiting the long sweeping curve on SR-98, and, for reasons still under investigation, moved into the westbound lane of traffic into the direct path of the Bluebird.

The bus was unable to avoid the collision, and its front end collided with the front of the Nissan.

The news release stated that everyone, except Gutierrez, who was riding as a rear passenger, was believed to have been wearing seat belts at the time of the collision.

Neither drugs nor alcohol appear to be factors in the collision, the news release stated.

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