50 years ago — “Compromise” 1970-71 dress regulations for Brawley Union High School students were adopted tentatively Monday night by the district board of trustees.

No bare top, halter neck or spaghetti-strap dresses unless worn with a sweater or bolero. Skirts and dresses shall be so worn as not to show garters, tops of nylons or other undergarments when the student is seated, bending or kneeling.

Skirts and dresses must be of a cut that does not fit tightly snug in bosom, thighs or seat. Culottes and pant dresses may be worn if they are full-cut and of standard length for school. No capris, jeans or other type of pants may be worn during class.

The superintendent and principal and dean of girls may confer with interested parents and students and make recommendations to the board of trustees for the wearing of slack fashions at stated times by students. Recommendations shall set forth the style of slacks acceptable for student wear and the dates of the school year when the wearing is to be allowed.

At its first regular meeting after receipt of recommendations, the board of trustees will vote acceptance or rejection of the proposed slack regulations.

Curlers or head coverings over curlers are not be worn to school. Full-length slips or camisoles must be worn under crop-top or short over-blouses and with sheer see-through blouses.

Shoes must be worn at all times. Sandals are acceptable. High-top boots in style are acceptable. Rubber thongs are not acceptable.

Shirt tails will be worn inside pants unless the skirt had a square cut bottom and is designed for wearing outside. Any sport shirt, dress shirt or T-shirt without writing or marking is permitted.

Shirts will be buttoned, with exception of the top bottom. Trousers and slacks must be of a cut that does not fit tightly snug in the seat, thighs, and legs, and the waistlines must be worn about the hip point.

Shoes and socks must be worn at all times. Sandals are acceptable are provided socks are worn. Boys must be cleanly shaven. Beards or mustaches are not acceptable. Sideburns kept neatly timed (no longer that the bottom of the ear and no wider that 1 1/4 inches) are acceptable.


40 years ago — While a San Diego area resident underwent treatment today for serious injuries, California Highway Patrol officers were trying to unravel a bizarre story of assault, kidnapping, attempted murder and an explosive devices.

The victim, whose identity was not released, was transported to El Centro Community Hospital after he was allegedly pushed off a steep cliff on Mountain Springs grade, about four miles west of Ocotillo.

The man was reportedly shoved by one or more persons, who kidnapped the victim in San Diego, drove him to the mountainous area then pushed the victim and his vehicle off an embankment.

Preliminary reports from CHP headquarters, north of El Centro, indicate there has not been any motive established for the alleged kidnapping and murder attempt.

And CHP said it has dispatched a bomb squad to the location with the prospect that there is a “bomb-like exploding device” in the victim’s vehicle. But from questioning the victim, it appears the exploding device was placed there by the assailants. The matter remains under investigation and there were no further details available.


30 years ago — Four people were injured, three seriously after two cars collided at Martin Road and Highway 86 early today, according to a report by the California Highway Patrol. And a Brawley woman suffered major injuries Monday after she lost control of her vehicle on Interstate 8 west of Dunaway Road, the highway patrol reported.

Laura Cook, 19, was reported in stable condition today in El Centro Regional Medical Center after being ejected from her car when it flipped over.

Cook, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was eastbound on the interstate about noon when her vehicle drifted into the center median, the report stated.

Early today Hector Rios Rodriguez, 36, of Thermal had stopped at a stop sign on Martin Road and started to enter Highway 86 when he collided with a southbound vehicle driven by Juan Jose Marquis, 29, of Mendota.

Rodriguez and his passenger Ricardo Gonzalez Soto, 25, of McFarland, received major injuries and his passenger Jose Manuel Valenzuela, 44, of Ehrenburg, Ariz., received minor injuries the highway patrol reported.

None of the men was wearing a seatbelt, the report stated.


20 years ago — Police are looking for the driver of a red car that dragged an El Centro police officer a short distance this morning near Fourth Street and Lenrey Avenue.

El Centro Police Officer Jose Guerrero shot at the red Toyota Paseo or Terceo bearing California plates as it sped away.

The incident began when Guerrero followed the driver and a passenger in the area of Fourth and Lenrey about 4 a.m. and approached the two as they got out of the car and walked to a house, said El Centro Police Lt. Paul Longoria.

Longoria said the officer thought the two were acting suspiciously. He attempted to get some biographical information from the men to find out what they were doing at that hour.

The men ran in opposite directions and Guerrero chased the man who had been driver through the north alley in the 400 block of Lenrey, Longoria said.

The man made it back to the car and was trying to start the engine when Guerrero reached for him through the driver’s side window.

The man got the car started and began to drive off, dragging Guerrero with the car. Guerrero fell from the car, drew his gun and fired several times at the car as it sped away, Longoria said.

Guerrero sustained some injury to his arms, Longoria said, and was being evaluated at El Centro Regional Medical Center at press time. “As of 9:12 a.m. we don’t know if the vehicle or the driver was hit by gunfire,” Longoria said, adding that two teams of officers are working a two pronged investigation.

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