Meet the Valley’s rising stars

Valley Women traditionally has been a magazine centered on the stories of women in our communities who have already made “it.” By and large, they’re the ones you find in positions of leadership, operating at the top of their professions and blazing new trails for others to follow.

But we got to thinking, who’s next? Who should we be watching out for, despite their relative youth and the fact they may even still be in school?

So we came up with a somewhat arbitrary set of criteria. We wanted to identify young women somewhere between the ages of 15 and 25, simply because we figured that would place them in the age range of most high school and graduate school students. They had to be someone whose talents and accomplishments were sufficient to make them stand out, but not to a degree that would represent a plateau. They not only had to have a good story to tell, but we had to believe they have even better ones coming.

And, yes, those stories must reflect the things that are best about Imperial Valley.

Ultimately, we identified 10 young women who fit this bill and profiled them in a series of articles. We’re not pretending it’s a complete list, and time is almost certain to reveal other choices. But we do think you’ll agree these young women are set upon a path to do the Valley proud.

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